Comments on Ashraf’s work

“The personal portraits drawn and painted by Ashraf El Sharif are of exceptional quality. Ashraf captures the essence of a personality, be it lively or reflective, on canvas or with pen and ink. He possesses the rare combination of being trained technically as well as having the inborn talent to understand the essence of any personality and convey that in a drawing or a painting. Ashraf can paint or draw any individual in a private sitting or from a photograph; the essence and final product are of equal and excellent quality. He drew my portrait from a photograph and I will treasure this portrait forever. His art is a timeless gift for you to give to yourself or a loved one” – Anila Goldie – Seattle, U.S.A

“What a wonderful website showing your paintings and photographs!  I am really impressed with your ability to capture, in both media, the essence of persons and scenes.  They bring back great memories of our years in Sudan.  I immediately recognized some of the persons in your portraits.  You have an amazing ability to capture not only the likeness of the person, but also something of the unique personality.  I would have known Prof. Homeida from the body language you portrayed.  The scenes you have captured in vibrant color reflect the diversity of Sudan and other areas you have painted.  Your photographs make me wish everyone could see in person these unique and exotic places, especially some of the archaeological and cultural sites.  I would recommend your paintings and photographs to anyone who has lived in these areas and want a nostalgic memory trip as well as to anyone who wants a glimpse into this very different and extraordinarily interesting part of the world.  You have captured it well.” – Elvin Hilyer – Atlanta, U.S.A


“You have an incredible talent Ashraf and I know that Inshallah someday, you will be something HUGE!” – Hagir Hayder – Virginia, U.S.A

“Ashraf’s work conveys with its peace and gentleness a feeling of ethereal beauty that seldom found nowadays in modern artists, He does not stop at lines; his paintings have a soul in them” – Sam Berner – Brisbane, Australia.